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"Il Filo d'Erba" Altaura e Monte Ceva - Padova - Veneto - Italia
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Educational Farm

The Farm where the animals are free to roam!

Hospitality Farmhouse Altaura - Casale di Scodosia - Padova - Veneto - ItalyHospitality Farmhouse Altaura - Casale di Scodosia - Padova - Veneto - Italy

"The creativity, ideals, and courage of the worlds youth must be mobilized towards the creation of a global collaboration whose objectives are; sustainable development and the securing of a better future for us all."

[Declarations of Rio in regards to environment and development, United Nations Conference Rio de Janeiro, June 1992]

Fattoria didattica VenetoTo ensure this better future for us all, members of the European Community(including the Italian state), environmental associations, and the United Nations Organization have all made proclamations-as well as initiated innumerable act, resolutions, and action programs-with the stated aim of protecting our environments biodiversity with an additional emphasis on sustainable development.

Making the above objectives our own, the farms of Altaura and Monte Ceva have (within their properties) initiated the re-naturalization of the plains forest and the Eugenean Hills landscape. Our intentions are to reach a balance between the demands of man and those of nature. We propose to achieve this upon our farms by first returning to more traditional farming practices and then finding the equilibrium of those traditions with alternative innovative methods.

OcheThe landscape that originally produced nutrients for immediate demands has evolved. That indicates that the operators and cultivators of the forest must grow an educational and instructional awareness that harbours a value, knowledge, and fun-appreciation of the countryside as a rural landscape. This indication put into implementation would provide example of sustainable development integrated with agriculture. In this sense, ‘agriculture’ then becomes a ‘growth culture’- encompassing elements of environment and landscape with physical and mental well-being - which can then be integrated into our cultural markets of goods and services.

It was in this spirit that in 1998 the whole of both farms were converted over to organic cultivation methods. Recent studies reveal, what we have also verified on our farms, which is that these methods induce biodiversity-including a greater number of wild plants and animals into all levels of the food chain.

On both farms, the restoration of buildings has followed the techniques of bio-ecological architecture. A biomass furnace has been installed to provide heat. Pruning of the surrounding hedges and forest provides the by-products needed to feed this furnace.

Maria Dalla Francesca

Owner of the Farms
Padova, August 2005

Map of Altaura Farm in Casale di Scodosia (PD)

     Plains Forest Eco-type
     Crops to be lost to wild fauna
     Cultivation area
     Actinidia (Kiwi) plantation
     Paulownia plantation
     Orchard
     Vineyard

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Activities upon the Educational Farm
Attività Fattoria didattica
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Map of Monte Ceva Farm in Battaglia Terme (PD)

Pianta della Fattoria Monte Ceva a Battaglia Terme (PD) Zona di mosaicoArea of mixed vegetation with Prickly Pear, barren grassland of Festuca valesiaca (Fescue) and Marruca (Jerusalem Thorn) shrubbery


Pseudomacchia mediterranea Pseudomacchia mediterranea.

Zona mosaicoArea of mixed vegetation with pseudogarrigue Cisto and Marruca (Jerusalem Thorn) shrubbery

Bosco di Robinia e SambucoElderflower and Locust tree Forest


Arbusteto termofiloThermophile shrubbery

Confini zona integraleIntegral Area Limit

Confine azienda Monte CevaLimits of Monte Ceva Farm

Strada di accesso all'AziendaFarm's Access Road

Trail 1 (Average Difficulty - 1hour)    Trail 1bis (1,5 hours    Trail 2 (1 hour)

"Fattorie Aperte" Regional Event – October 10th, 2010

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Fattorie del Panda

Ville Venete Scuole

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