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"Il Filo d'Erba" Altaura e Monte Ceva - Padova - Veneto - Italia
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Arca Enel Programme

For more information, please contact "Il Filo d'Erba" Farms - Ms. Maria Dalla Francesca


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Day 1

Arrival at the Farm and introduction, we will take a ride in a wagon and get to know the land, the animals, and how we run our Organic Farm.

Day 2

We observe, from inside a safely screened trailer, the life of the bees inside the hive. We taste the honey straight from the comb. We manufacture candles from beeswax. You participate in the extraction of honey.

Day 3

The animals on the farm: cleaning, nurturing, respecting the bond with them.

Day 4

From the stalk to the loaf: the multiethnic bread. We will make bread by mixing flour and dew. The harvest. We will build a theatre with the hay bales and we will have fun in the evening...

Day 5

We will spend the day at the pool in the nearby towns of Casale di Scodosia (2,5km) or Montagnana (5,5km). Montagnana is a walled city of the 1200s, here is Villa Pisani-Placco which was commissioned by a Venetian nobleman to Andrea Palladio.

Day 6

Plants Biodiversity: the importance of picking seeds, preserving and planting them. Art and Nature: We will collect materials to make a work of art with. There will be a prize for the most original work.

Day 7

From wood to paper and coal: we will build a carbonyl. We will try to understand how does the wood-fuelled biomass boiler - that heats the water we use for the shower - function.

Day 8

Building a house in the Forest It will be our refuge. We will take our packed lunches and spend time immersed in nature.

Day 9

Becoming Chefs! Making of "tagliatelle" (Italian Pasta) and fritters with the herbs of the countryside. To finish our menu we will make a tart with our jams, walnut cream, elderflower syrup and butter.

Day 10

We will spend the day in the Monte Ceva Farm area (BattagliaTerme). Stroll along the Euganian Hills. We will visit the Monte CevaHebarium (with 477 dried plants, catalogued by Prof. N. Tornadore of the Geobotanical Institute of Padova University) at the Monte Ceva Farm in Ca' Vecchiam, BattagliaTerme. We will visit the Butterfly Arch in Montegrotto (1,5 km), Catajo Castle, The Air and Flight Museum "Due Carrare"(3km). Two to three activities of choice.

Day 11

Building a Herbarium. We will find the numbers hidden in nature: the hexagons of the honeycombs, the phyllotaxis, the genealogical tree of the drones, the number of petals in a wild rose...

Day 12

We will explore the territory with magnifying glasses and nets looking for insects.

Day 13

Building nests for birds, natural musical instruments and a raft: let's see if it floats. We will learn to stuff a chair with straw.

Day 14

Shearing the sheep, carding, spinning and weaving of wool. Everyone will have a small loom to knit. We will dye the resulting fabric with natural colours.

Day 15

We will play with the wind pipe made of elderflower and oak gall, and a ball made from pig bladder. We will have fun with torpedoes made ​​with corn cobs and hen's feathers. Later on we will build a fishing rod with bamboo and go fishing for shrimp in the ditches.

NOTE: The program may be modified in case of bad weather, or to meet specific needs and curiosities of children. Given the type of activities, we recommend sportswear and outdoor suitable clothing.

Arca Enel Paint

Some of our Experiences

2005: 1st/ 15th September - "Stage in Azienda Agricola Biologica", by the students of the V Class of the Istituto Tecnico Agrario Statale Bernardo Brau in relation to the CIPE financed project "La Gestionedell'Azienda Agricola Biologica"

2008: 30th June/ 9th July - Bristol Steiners School (UK)

2009: Arca - Enel: Children of Enel employees. Please contact Travel Agency "Alice in Wonderland" in Treviso.

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