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"Il Filo d'Erba" Altaura e Monte Ceva - Padova - Veneto - Italia
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Visiting Guidelines

In an effort tomakeyour stay moreenjoyable, themanagement hasindicatedsome guidelines thatvisitors are invitedto observe.

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Buses and cars are only allowed to enter the premises for passengers ascent and descent, for security reasons, immediately after, they are advised to park outside the farm.

If we have a high number of visitors we will divide in more groups, and each of them will have its own guide. We request the visitors not to wander far away from their group and to follow all the guide's instructions, with whom, special needs can be arranged. If anyone would decide not to continue the tour with the group any longer such person is authorized to remain exclusively in the Farm´s premises.

It is strictly prohibited to enter areas designated for authorized personnel only.

We encourage visitors to respect the signs on the Farm.

Our guides are not responsible for monitoring the visitors, or their children, aware of the curiosity and vivacity of children; it is recommended that teachers, parents and caretakers of pupils, students, and groups, pay special attention in watching out for them. The premises have areas with water that are unattended and unfenced (ditches). For damages caused to Farm property, a reasonable monetary compensation will be requested. It is forbidden to remove and/ or damage signs and safety and rescue equipment.

It is forbidden to bring dangerous objects of any size and nature, explosive and/ or flammable materials, or any object, instrument or substance whose designation is personal offense.

It is forbidden to throw objects or behave in a manner that may endanger the safety of other persons.

It is forbidden to light fire.

It is forbidden to take away or abandon dogs or any other animals on the Farm.

It is compulsory to notify the Farm's personnel of any injuries or accidents in the premises.

In the case of Didactic Courses taking place outside the Farm, the warning signs are not to be considered the responsibility of this Farm.

Bees are social hardworking animals... do not disturb their activities!

Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to get too close to their houses (hives). The guide will provide all the necessary indications to allow close observation safely and children in particular are required to follow them.

Please notify us of any allergies to insect bites, pollen, animals, etc. The management declines all responsibility in case of allergic reactions.

In our premises, you can enjoy food and drinks brought from home. The management will not be responsible for any consequent damage or discomfort.

We are all committed to keeping a clean place: paper, cans, rubbish and containers must be disposed of in the appropriate bins for waste collection.

We respect nature and avoid picking flowers, damaging plants, climbing trees.

For any fruit picked from the trees, for no reason, a reasonable monetary compensation will be requested.

In our Farm you can see the animals up close, but trying not to interfere with their habits. Everyone is requested to not frighten or annoy them, not to feed them and to keep a minimum safe distance.

In case of injuring or worse, killing the animals, a reasonable monetary compensation will be required.

The programmes organized in the Farm include walking in the fields and outdoor activities, therefore, it is recommended to all public (not only children...) to bring waterproof spare shoes, hat for the sun, wind jacket and umbrella in case of rain.

A visit to our Farm offers an opportunity to enjoy unusual activities... but if you cannot let go of the ball, you will be shown the areas provided in the countryside for such activity. You cannot play with the ball in the courtyard as you may damage persons, animals and property.

Please remember that is forbidden to smoke indoors; so as to avoid any risk of fire and not to introduce extraneous elements in nature, in open areas cigarette butts should be disposed of in the appropriate containers.

In case of an emergency, all visitors are required to follow the instructions given by the guides, keeping as calm as possible.

The Farm does not accept any liability for any theft or damage to persons and property resulting from an accident, or non-compliance with these Regulations.

Any stay in the Farm, longer than the agreed time allotment, will be charged 0.60 per person/ per hour. In case of bad weather, outdoor activities will be substituted by others, arranged with the teachers, which can be carried out indoors. It will not always be possible to satisfy requests, made at the time of the visit, in regards to changing the order of the activities and the breaks.

The supervision of the children is the exclusive responsibility of the carers designated by the school, parish or institution that organized the trip and they should take into account the excistence of animals living free in the land and unfenced ditches.

Help us to work better.

Failure to follow even one of these rules and any act detrimental to people, things, animals will result in the immediate removal from the premises, without any reimbursement and having to pay a monetary compensation for any damages.

ALL farm animals, plants, flowers and future guests of the Farm THANK YOU for not tearing even a single "Filo d'Erba" (Blade of Grass) without reason.

Have a lovely stay!

The Management

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