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"Il Filo d'Erba" Altaura e Monte Ceva - Padova - Veneto - Italia
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8th WEEC Goteborg 2015

8th WEEC, Goteborg, Jun 29-Jul 2 2015 Planet and People how can they develop together? Abstract WEEC 150604-1335 2. Reclaiming sense of place in the digital age Biodeversity, Mediterranean Diet and Genius Loci. * = Presenting author Maria Dalla Francesca* 1 1Organic Farm "Altaura e Monte Ceva", Padova, Italy Preferred presentation type: Round table Introduction: The Altaura e Monte Ceva Organic Farm tries to contribute to the preservation and the improvement of biodiversity by offering an array of “tasty and savory” emotional knowledges. If we are capable to create attraction for a biodiverse nutrition, we would have created the desire of a constant appointment with NATURE and persuaded people to more respectful and eco-friendly behaviors. Biodiversity is a characteristic of each place, and is therefore intimately linked to the Genius Loci, the spirit of the place. Starting from my experience, I propose some seasonal vegetarian dishes, whose ingredients, easily available and/or cultivable in our territory, are barely known for their use in cooking. I hope, in this way, to enrich the tables of many typical ingredients of the mediterranean diet. The increment of their utilization foster their survival and therefore their preservation and the biodiversiry improvement. Objectives: Building upon the experience we grew in our organic farm since 2000, we aim at extending an ongoing project, ORTI IN MOVIMENTO-ORTI DI SPERANZA (“MOVING VEGETABLE GARDENS-VEGETABLE GARDENS OF HOPE”), aimed at recreating the spirit of the mediterranean diet in the Mediterranean basin territories, with the twofold objective of fostering the respect of biodiversity and an harmonic and sustainable cooperation. Methods: Our methods involve creating a knowledge-based interchange network aimed at interconnecting not only the people directly involved in the project, but also others, both living in surrounding rural areas and in neighboring cities, so that they shall not remain separate entities but will start communicating together. Each one, according to his/her own capabilities and resources, will be able to contribute to extending the network and therefore to a positive change. Main activities: - meetings with citizens and with local institutions representatives - release of a web site, including an intranet reserved to involved project partners - setup of the vegetable garden and preparation of gathering places where guests may meet, according to cultural and spiritual diversities - checking the vegetable garden contributions, in terms of knowledge andusage of edible wild herbs as a tool aiding local administrations to foster regional territorial policies. Results: The main results we aim to achieve are: - linking local communities’ socio-cultural and economic needs to long-term sustainability - creating wild herbs biodiversity maps - educating young people on environmental education, helping the creation of new specialized job places - attracting attention from media, local and international institutions on environmental issues and on original methods on territory management. Conclusion: We hope that citizens, and in particular young people, who are our future, be educated and put in contact with a culture and competencies supporting sustainability, by promoting exchanges and meetings having the goal to increas mutual awareness, that is the first on which to build upon good relationships. Disclosure of Interest: None Declared Keywords: biodiversity, Environment, Genius Loci, Mediterranean Diet, Sustainability

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